- more inches in length and girth;
- better stamina;
- stronger and more lasting erections;
- more satisfying sex;
- popularity among women,
- 100% confidence;
- pleasing women better;
- unbelievable virility;
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First of all, it is 100% natural herbal patch that works for 97% of men by increasing their penis size to the desired measurements. Apart from giving you more inches in length and girth, it will also make your erections stronger and more lasting, give you more energy and stamina, make the sexual experience more pleasant for both of you and give you more virility and confidence overall.

The Virility Patch RX is a discreet dermal patch that sticks to your body like other patches, such as the Nicotine Patch. This product uses advanced physiological technology to feed the formula into your bloodstream in a brief period of time. The biggest benefit of The Virility Patch RX is that you donít have to wait while it travels through your digestive system; it starts working immediately giving you incredible results.

Some women say that they don't care about their partner's penis as long as they know how to use it. But unfortunately it's time to face the sad truth "Size does matter" and those women who say it doesn't do that only not to hurt men who are not that well-endowed.

10 pills x 50mg
30 pills x 50mg
60 pills x 50mg
90 pills x 50mg
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Luckily, starting from this day your life won't be miserable and full of embarrassment anymore. You can gain the confidence along with the inches in length and girth forever! If the nature didn't give you the big penis, Virility Patch RX will...

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