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- increased blood flow to your
- stronger and longer lasting
- no unwanted erections;
- makes sex more pleasurable
  for both partners;
- gives you unbelievable

How should I take Levitra?

You can take Levitra with or without food one hour prior sexual activity. For most men, it works the first time they try it. Levitra may work better at the third or fourth time you take it. But don't take it more often than once a day. If you are not satisfied with the results or you feel any discomfort, consult your doctor about dosage. If you take any medicines that have nitrates in them (like nitroglycerin for chest pains) every day or even once in a while you should NOT take Levitra. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor for your own protection.
Levitra works well even after drinking moderate amount of alcohol. But Levitra should not be taken with grapefruit or grapefruit juice. Levitra can interact with grapefruit and grapefruit juice, and the interaction may have dangerous effects.

In what doses should I take Levitra?

Try to take 5 mg dose first - see how it works, then increase dose only if 5 mg doesn't work well. People over 65 years might even take o lower dose, consult with your physician to find the appropriate dose for you.

What are the ingredients of Levitra?

Levitra consists of two kinds of ingredients: active and inactive:
One pill includes the following active ingredients:
LEVITRA 5 - vardenafil (as hydrochloride trihydrate) 5 mg
LEVITRA 10 - vardenafil (as hydrochloride trihydrate) 10 mg
LEVITRA 20 - vardenafil (as hydrochloride trihydrate) 20 mg

Inactive ingredients:
2.colloidal anhydrous silica
4.iron oxide red (CI 77491 - E172)
5.iron oxide yellow (CI 77492 - E172)
6.magnesium stearate
7.macrogol 400
8.microcrystalline cellulose
9.titanium dioxide (CI 77891 - E171)

If you are highly concerned about your health, we recommend you reviewing the ingredients with your doctor.

Who should not take Levitra?

Do not take Levitra if you are taking Nitrates, or you use recreational drugs like amyl nitrate and butyl nitrate, popularly known as poppers. Those who have been advised by their doctors not to have sexual intercourse due to any health problem should not use Levitra and have sex. Do not take Levitra if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients.

Why are generic drugs cheaper than brand ones?

They're cheaper because of the patent system. When they are first introduced, most new drugs are patent-protected by the government for 17 years. During that time, other companies do not have the right to sell the drug. This allows the company that developed the drug to market it exclusively and make back the research money that was spent to develop it. When the patent runs out, drug companies can apply to the Food and Drug Administration to sell generic versions of the drug. And because they don't have to worry about investment costs, the competing companies can often sell the drug from 50 % to 80 % less than the cost of the brand name.

Is the quality of generic drugs the same as the brand ones?

The quality and effect is absolutely the same as well as the ingredients. The only difference you can notice is the color and the shape of the pill.

Where and how should I store the pills?

The best way to store them is at room temperature, away from heat, moisture, and direct light. Just like you store regular pills. Keep the pills out of the reach of children.

Can I mix Levitra with other pills?

Some medicine can change the effect of Levitra. Your doctor should know all the pills you are taking before you start taking Levitra. Do not start or stop taking any drugs before visiting your doctor or pharmacist. This includes prescription and non-prescription drugs or remedies.
IMPORTANT: Levitra should never be used with medicine that contains nitrates. If you are taking alpha-blocker therapy for the treatment of high blood pressure or prostate problems, you should decrease the dose of Levitra at the same time (within 4 hours) as you take your dose of alpha-blocker. If you are taking a protease inhibitor, your dose may be adjusted. Levitra should not be used with any other medical treatments that cause erection. These treatments include pills, medicine that is injected or inserted into the penis, implants or vacuum pumps.

Can I overdose Levitra?

To avoid the overdosing, don't take it more often than once a day. But if it already happened, call your doctor right away.

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