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Spam is any kind of form of unsolicited advertising via email, newsgroups, IRC posts, instant messengers.
Any SPAM complaint to the address of our member will lead to immediate account termination. So please be aware of that and take it into consideration. SPAM is a very serious violation; so do not send e-mail to anyone who has not made a request for specific information.


Newsgroups spam.
Sending bulk emails.
Advertising with bulk email services.
IRC/ICQ spam, including other messengers.
Any other forms of unsolicited advertising which cause complaints from users or administrators and moderators.

What advertising forms will be not considered as spam?

You can employ any form of promotion as long as it targets legal sources of traffic.

Is it possible to avoid bulk emailing by sending my ads one at a time?

No, this is still recognized as spam because people receive unsolicited commercial information.

Can I use a bulk email list from a company that sells email addresses of people who have previously agreed to join a mailing list?

As these people may have forgotten having joined, or may not expect this type of content, this is still considered spamming.

Are sales from Opt-in and/or Double Opt-in mailing lists acceptable?

No, we don't regard sales generated through the traffic sent from both single and double opt-in mailing lists as acceptable.

Single Opt-in - With a single opt-in mailing list, an address is automatically added to an email distribution list as soon as it's submitted.
Double Opt-in - With double opt-in, the submitted address is not immediately added to this list. In this case, an email is first sent to the address, requesting confirmation that this address should really be added to the list.

What will happen to affiliates who SPAM? at a time?

We would terminate their account and suspend all the earned funds on that account.

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