Revenue Sharing
55-65% Revenue Sharing – get up to 65% from all the money generated on our sites. The more sales you generate, the bigger your share is! For instance, you attracted a member who signed up for a month paying $39.95, then he stayed for 5 months generating 5 rebills. As a result there are 6 payments with your profit making $119.85. And this is just a single member! Just imagine how much you get from 10-20 or more members.

Referral Program
Referral Program – we hope you are convinced we are a team of guys who know things about earning, this is why we won’t mind you telling the world about us. And the great thing is that it also brings you money! How? Easily. We pay you 10% from the earnings of all referred webmasters. As an example, you attracted 10 referral webmasters, each making 3 sales per day. Because of that we will send you a monthly

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