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Information about sponsors of AWMOpen 2006.

Organizer of AWMOpen - Alex Xe.

General sponsor of AWMOpen 2006, project Energy-Factor

Sponsor of Bowling competion, project

Sponsor of trip by ship, project

Sponsor of water sport competion project

Lunch sponsor of AWMOpen 2006, project

Sponsors of AWMOpen 2006.

1. Project Convert Guru
2. Project
3. Project
4. Project StandartPay
5. Project
6. Project
7. Project
8. Project

Special thanks to our private sponsors.
1. ZJ

Special thanks to our informational sponsors:
1. Project

2. Project

If you want to become sponsor of AWMOpen 2006. Please send to us request and our manager will send full information about this event in next 24 hours.

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