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We're glad to welcome you on our site AWMOpen. AWMOpen is conference for Adult Webmasters. AWMOPEN conferences have been held in Moscow, Russia (2003), Larnaca, Cyprus (2004), Prague, the Czech Republic (2005), in Malta will be hosting the 2006 event. Since the beginning of AWMOPEN, attendance at our convention has increased in more than 4 times.
In 2003 there were 37 participants, 2004 - 124 attendees, 2005 - 157 delegates and in 2006 from 180 to 220 are expected to visit the conference. AWMOpen is a bright event that will allow you to meet your old partners, meet new ones, gain more knowledge, and spend a great time with people that work in the same industry you do.
We'll follow our tradition of having the AWMOpen conference each time in a new country and this time it will be held in Malta, Europe from June, 27 until June, 29 in 2006.
All detailed information about hotels, visas and a conference program together with an application form for participation available for you right now. We will be happy to see you as a member of AWMOpen 2006 in Malta.
Sincerely yours,
Alex Xe

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