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AWMOPEN 2004, Larnaca, Cyprus.

In 2004 we decided to make AWMOpen conference as an official event for Russian Adult Webmasters. The conference program was divided into two parts, the first formal part with seminars devoted to adult industry; the second entertainment (non-formal) part with sport events and parties. The second AWMOpen was held in sunny island Cyprus, Larnaca where the number of participants was 124. The go-cart racing, bowling, pool, and darts competitions were held this time. The conference went excellent; all the participants made lots of useful contacts and left the island full of exciting memories.

We want to thank our speakers that agreed to share their knowledge with AWMOpen participants. The speeches they made were excellent based on vivid interest of listeners and the number of asked questions.

Special thanks to our cameramen BigVoo and Aivengo who captured this event and worked during the whole conference.

We also want to thank our sponsors who helped us to organize this event.

General sponsor and organizer - Alex Xe and his project:

General sponsor and organizer - Goth - and

AWMOpen 2004 Sponsors:

JK and the project:
Redeye and the projects, and Alextm and the project:
Raf and the project:
Madame and the project:
Diekrupss and the project:
Wad and the project:
Paxan and the project:
Mah and the project:
Xzac as the only private sponsor.

Special thanks to our informational sponsors: Kit, the project and Redeye, the forum

AWMOPEN 2004 PICTURES: Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Banquet
P.S. For the reason of privacy all the faces are covered with a black square.

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