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Dear Webmasters!

We’re glad to welcome you on AWMOpen site. AWMOPEN is the only conference for Adult Webmasters. Adult business has reached a high level of development and always strives forward. Perspectives of further development bring the necessity to active cooperation, know-how activities and discussions of up-to-date problems which arise in the working process of webmasters. We’re glad to state the fact that such meetings have become not only possible but what is more necessary for adult webmasters. This fact proves our goals which we set upon organization of this conference namely to afford adult webmasters opportunities of live communications, discussions and solutions of important problems that currently occur in adult industry.
We hope that all the participants will pick up interesting and useful information during the seminars and communications with their colleagues. We tried our best to make this conference pleasant and useful for our guests. See our conference plan:

  • seminars devoted to topics for development and problems of current importance in adult industry
  • prodigious entertainment program, lots of sport competitions and contests.
We expect that our quests will be able to discuss many current problems in adult industry, make new business contacts and mutually beneficial offers. Moreover, have a good rest after long winter and nights that you spent in front of your computers.

Sincerely yours,

Alex Xe

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